B2B eCommerce revenues are expected to double this year, with 55% of B2B buyers completing at least half of their purchases online. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world conducts business and a seamless online experience is now more important than ever. We expect to see an even larger shift away from face to face meetings to close deals with a shift towards online transactions. Here are ten features you want to ensure your B2B site is providing an optimal experience.

A great customer experience

This is first and foremost over all other features. As you are reviewing…

Depending on your product or service you may have a relatively long or short sales process. Either way, there will be a point when you need to make a hesitant potential client decide to take action. Today we are sharing nine tips to help move forward and close the deal.

Focus on the problem

Make sure while explaining the benefits of your product or service you also tie it back to the problem the user is likely experiencing and how your solution is going to fix this problem. …

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. While we have adapted to lots of new challenges, the web design world has changed as well by ushering in new trends. These are a few of the new directions we have seen become increasingly popular this year.

Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations can beautify while they also clarify the site’s messaging. Many users feel that stock images on a website look disingenuous, and they are becoming increasingly adept at spotting them. …

Now more than ever healthcare professionals are leaning on technology to help care for their patients while maintaining social distancing. Additionally, as the healthcare sector seeks to attract back elective care patients, providing a great experience can help the process. Today we wanted to share a few tips for healthcare-related apps and digital products that prioritize the user experience.


The color palette of your medical app or website should be calming and professional. You want clients to know that you have the expertise to address their needs and a comforting color palette can begin building trust. Designs with color…

Let’s talk about pricing and payment. Some see it as a touchy topic. Many agencies won’t even provide their rates until you already have a consultation booked with them. However, we try to be as transparent and fair in our pricing as possible. We are so grateful for the partnerships we have with our clients and this is another way we can build trust and respect.

Here at Kuvio, we use a retainer payment model that allows our clients to set the number of hours of work they would like to purchase per week. This can be decided on and…

Today we have a fun interview with our founder, Joseph Young about what inspired him to start Kuvio and how those motivations have evolved and changed as the team has grown.

What inspired you to start Kuvio in the very beginning?

“After high school, I joined the Air Force as an air traffic controller. I then spent nine years in one of the most bureaucratic environments you can imagine. For the first several years, I tried to find ways that I could exercise my own ideas in that type of environment. Finally, about five years in, I moved to a…

2020 has been a crazy year for almost every industry, but healthcare has been uniquely impacted. Many patients are opting out of elective care this year. Additionally, a study by Prophet found that 80% of people are not satisfied with their current patient experience. This means many patients are looking for something better. Following some of these marketing tips can help patients see the benefit of choosing your organization.

Review your landing pages

If a potential patient finds you through an ad or search, you want to make sure they have a great experience when they visit your site, otherwise…

Launching an app is both an exciting and daunting process. We have been through several app launches, both for clients and also for our own internal project, Conseris. There have been bumps and successes along the way and we wanted to share some of the lessons we have learned. So, today we put together nine tips for launching an app.

Study your competitors

Look online and in the app stores for your competitors. Look at what they do well and what their shortcomings are. This can help you create a list of features and functionalities you want to include to…

At Kuvio, we have recently been having more conversations about what we do, what our goals are, and how we communicate them. We found these topics were becoming a common thread throughout a lot of our internal meetings. A few of us got to discussing that we did not have a formal company vision or mission statement. Generally, we are all thinking along the same lines, but we wanted to solidify it.

Then the Kuvio mission, vision, and values workshop was born!

Our team recently spent two hours together participating in several exercises to create a mission statement, vision statement…

The year 2020 has brought on challenges most of us could have never imagined. Small business owners now need to focus on protecting their health, their loved ones, and their company. Understandably this has led to fatigue, uncertainty, and so much extra stress. However, we have also seen many small businesses using this time to come up with creative solutions and demonstrate extreme resilience. We talked to some of these people and compiled the following ideas for surviving in hard times which we wanted to share with you.

Be Precise with Cut Backs

Nobody wants to make cuts and for…

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