How to Recruit the Best Team for Your Company

A study conducted by Indeed found that 56% of small businesses find it somewhat difficult or very difficult to find the right employees for their company. Recruiting is a critical part of building a great team, but it can be difficult, especially when you do not have an entire human resources department dedicated to the hunt. At Kuvio Creative, we work remotely, meaning our talent pool is not limited by geographic location and this has had a very positive impact on our hiring strategy. In addition, we have learned several other lessons along the way and we wanted to share some of the best practices we have discovered with our readers.

Keep the hiring process short

Of course, you want to take enough time to consider your options and make a decision that is the best for your company, but if you feel really confident about a candidate don’t wait too long to make the offer. If you have your eye on them, many other organizations probably do too and you don’t want to miss out!

Consider how the candidate thinks

Of course skills and experience are important, but getting down to the core of how candidates think can be even more impactful. A critical thinker will be able to solve problems and adapt to new situations, regardless of their previous experience so this is a major attribute! Asking questions in the screening process or interview that get to the core of how candidates approach problems can be a great way to identify critical thinkers.

Be clear about the skills you are looking for

In the job description, be as specific as possible about the qualifications you are looking for. A bulleted list can make it easy for candidates to see at a glance whether or not they should move ahead with applying which will save them time and will also make it easier for you when it comes time to review applications.

Be flexible

We know that in the last tip we told you to be clear about what you want, but we also want to remind you to be somewhat flexible in your expectations. If you really like a candidate who does not check of one or two of your “skill” boxes they are likely trainable! If you are too rigid in your expectations you may miss out on some great talent.

Optimize listings for mobile

Research has found that more people look at job postings on mobile than on desktop and you don’t want to miss out on applicants because they could not read your job description. As a result, ensure that wherever you decide to post job opportunities they are supported on smaller devices. After you post, testing it your on your phone is a great way to make sure that everything looks great!

Focus on the person, not the role

In the hiring process you may come across an amazing person who is a great fit for the company culture, but not for the role you are currently hiring for. When this has happened at Kuvio, we have decided to hire the person and let them define their role as they start working. This has led to some amazing outcomes! We know that this may not be a possibility for every company, but you can still keep a list of talented people you find and reach out to them for future positions.

Use your network, but be weary of friends

Referrals from people you know can be one of the best ways to find qualified candidates. People close to your organization likely have a good idea of what you are looking for and will want to help you find that perfect person. This person may even be someone you already know who has recommended themself for the job. If this happens, tread carefully- hiring friends can put you in a tough spot down the line because managing someone you know can be difficult when personal feelings are involved.

Get social

Social media is a great place to advertise for job candidates as it can broaden your options beyond just your network, is cost effective, and easy to manage. Running a few sponsored posts is a great way to get your opportunity in front of more people and because social media makes sharing so easy, people who see it may pass along the ad to those they think might be a good fit.

Show off

If a candidate becomes your number one choice, you want to make sure that you are also their number one choice. During the interview process, make sure you take a break from asking questions and dedicate time to explain to candidates what makes your company unique and fantastic. Offering the candidate the chance to speak with an employee at their level, not just the hiring manager, also gives them the opportunity to ask more questions about the company that can help clarify their decision.

Don’t settle

If you don’t find the perfect candidate in the first round of interviews, don’t be afraid to wait to receive more applications. While things may be more difficult in the short term, waiting to find a good fit will help your business success overtime and will make your job as a manager much easier!

We hope these tips help you to build the ideal team for your small business. Do you have your own recruiting or hiring tips? Share them with us on Twitter, @KuvioCreative.

Kuvio Creative is a full-service web design and development company that uses innovation to solve client problems and exceed client expectations. Contact us today, we can’t wait to help!

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A full-service web design and development company ready to bring your ideas to life.

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Kuvio Creative

A full-service web design and development company ready to bring your ideas to life.

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