Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably heard about the importance of video marketing and even noticed that you yourself consume more videos online. It’s true, video marketing has become popular and very effective! Wondering if you should try it out at your small business? We think so and we have compiled 10 reasons why!

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world

You read that correctly, only behind Google, Youtube handles the second largest number of searches per year. Within this, how-to style videos are a search category on the rise, so making educational videos could bring you a lot of traffic.

Improve your rating on Google

Adding video to your website can help improve your SEO ranking on Google and other search engines. Studies have found that having a video on your homepage greatly increases the chances of having your website show up on the first page of results.

Increase understanding

Video gives you the opportunity to not just talk about your product, but to also show it in action. If your product is more complicated, the quick paragraph on your homepage may not be doing it justice. A video that demonstrates all of the great things your product can do can make it really stand out in your audience’s mind. One recent study found that viewing a video helped increase consumer understanding about a product by 74%.

It’s the medium consumers want

Today’s consumers spend more time watching videos than they do consuming social media. Additionally, an eMarketer study found that consumers are four times more inclined to watch a video about a product than read a paragraph about it. Video content has seen a huge surge in online popularity and you want your business to be able to capitalize on it.

It’s easy to get started

By now, you may have images of expensive equipment and professional production teams swirling around in your head, but in reality creating video for your business does not have to have a huge price tag. If you have a camera of moderate quality you can easily shoot your first videos on your own and move into larger productions as your company expands.

Use the power of storytelling

A powerful story is a great way to connect with potential buyers on an emotional level, making them more likely to choose your brand over competitors. Your brand likely has an amazing story to tell, you’ll just need to do some creative brainstorming to decide on the best way to approach it. If you need inspiration, check out what some of your favorite companies have done.

Increase conversions

A study shared by HubSpot found that embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Additionally, adding a video to an email can increase click-through rates by 200–300%. These numbers show that there are real, monetary benefits directly tied to using video.

Boost brand awareness and commitment

Videos include both audio and video elements making them more memorable to your viewers, this means consumers are more likely to remember the video they have seen when making a purchasing decision which can drive them toward your brand. In addition, a helpful video series, such as a how-to can lead consumers to trust your brand, driving their commitment to your products.

Create content that can be reused

Creating one video is a great investment because you can reuse and reshare it in so many different ways. You can repost clips and .gifs to socials, turn the content into a slide deck, use screengrabs, and even post it on your blog. Videos are also a great thing to repost to catch audience members who missed it the first time.

Show up on socials

It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to appear in social media feeds as a result of the consumer driven algorithms, especially if you are not using paid advertising. Since consumers prefer videos to more static posts, using them in your feed can help you reach a broader audience more consistently.

We hope these tips have convinced you of the benefits of using video content in your marketing strategy. Come back to the blog next week for ideas and tools to help you begin using this strategy. In the meantime, we want to hear about your previous experiences with video marketing, tell us on Twitter, @KuvioCreative.

Kuvio Creative is a web design and development company that aims to change the world through our innovative solutions and remote-work model. Learn more here.

Originally published at kuv.io.



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